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GoActive – Joints & Mobility

A functional supplement specifically designed to ensure the optimal health and wellness for our canine friends. These tasty chewable supplements feature a unique seaweed complex PhyCoidan™ and carefully selected micronutrients. Together, they support mobility, flexibility, joint and muscle health with marine anti-oxidants to help neutralise free radicals for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Marine bioactive complex for joint and muscle health, with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and bone formation benefits.

Available in 2 different tastes and 2 different sizes

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● PhyCoidan™ complex, extracted from 100% Irish Fucus vesiculosus seaweed, enriched in the functional polysaccharide Fucoidan, natural anti-oxidant marine polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Together, these support joints, cartilage and connective tissue to promote mobility and help to keep the spring in your dog’s step!

● Vitamin C helps to promote comfortable movement for dogs with stiff and aching joints.

● Vitamin D3 plays an essential role in muscle growth and development and in regulating muscle contractility.


Chicken, Peanut Butter


DFP 30 chews, 90 chews (270g), 30 chews (90g)


Blue Pet

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