LovePaws – Organic Paw Wax

LovePaws organic paw wax is super effective product to cure and protect paws at all times and conditions. Use it on dry paws, worn-out paws, callus, cracks and cuts as well as dry or red skin. Most importantly, to prevent problems.

LovePaws paw wax is made of anti-inflammatory ingredients and is safe to use on all dogs. It gives a great protection against frost and hot ground.

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NOTE: Absorbs immediately if not applied too much – very little amount of wax is enough. Little licking is healthy and doesn’t effect the properties.
Suitable for all breeds, all aged and sized dogs. Safe to use on all skin and wound care from snout to tail. Try it on itchy, red skin, hot-spots and tick-bites!

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, shea butter.
No water or chemicals, only high-quality organic ingredients. Made with love.

HOW TO USE: Apply 1-3 times per day on paws or preferred area. Daily application is recommended during hot and cold weather and active periods. Other times about 2 times per week is enough to keep the paws in top condition. Use before walks as protection & prevention and after walks as cure.


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