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The Woolly Wolf ALPHA 360 Harness is a light weight easy to dress harness made to satisfy even the most demanding user. The harness has four points of adjustment for an optimal fit. Soft but light weight double mesh construction that conforms the dog’s natural movement. It features two leash attachment options: an aluminum V-ring centered on the dog’s back for everyday walks, and an extra strong front clip webbing at the dog’s chest to redirect dogs that pull on leash. The harness can be dressed on the dog the conventional way by opening the buckles or by also opening the front aluminium clip that is helpful with dogs with long ears, larger head size and dogs that don’t like to have their harness pulled over head. The 3M reflectors placed on both front and back piece increase visibility in the dark. The back piece features a double loop with 3M reflectors that can be used for LED-light and name tag attachment.

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